Neo-Classical Villa

A large grade II listed house with striking proportions and very fine architectural detailing had been suffering from an awkward integration of modern family life. The lower-ground level, built as a damp, low-ceilinged and entirely utilitarian space also had the potential for the best connection to the expansive rear garden. Meanwhile the family kitchen was located two floors up at first floor level and next to the principal bedroom.

We were appointed to address these issues with a full refurbishment of the property. The principal focus of this refurbishment was on the lower ground floor where the floor levels were significantly dropped, and window locations modified to transform the sense of light and space. Meanwhile the previously cellular plan form at this level was delicately opened up to create a large kitchen, partially screened pantry area, and dining room which all worked together as distinct but linked zones.

An improved connection was also formed linking the new heart of the home with the generous garden beyond. The outcome of these architectural moves was a space that felt generous in scale and ideally suited to the comings and goings of a modern family home.

Mosley Thorold Architects have recently been appointed to explore the possibilities of the addition of a garden studio to the garden, proposals for which are currently in development.